Mexican Dream.

Sideways rain rode a windstorm’s wall,
derecho drenched the girl and all
Otherworldly air between us too
That night I dreamt of Mexico and you…

A journey to the
inner self

“Mexican Sunset tells the story of an adolescent who, after the sudden death of his stepfather, decides to embark on different journeys to find his true self. As he goes through this adventure, he meets a girl who invites him to stop and visualize the path he has already covered and to reflect on the true meaning of life.

In several opportunities I felt I could recognize myself in this protagonist. It is very well created and his story is perfectly described. I enjoyed reading this story a lot and I felt really satisfied when I reached the end of the book and thought that as the famous saying goes “sometimes we have to get lost in order to find ourselves.”

A great old fashion story

“What an exciting life some people live! Mexican Sunset is one of those stories, a recapitulation of a life filled with adventure, an author who shares his travels, his experiences living in different places and countries, and the process he went through to become the adult he is now.

I like reading this kind of book, it opens a world of opportunities, so many things I haven’t taken into consideration as possible. Rick Jebb’s book is a coming-of-age story that, in a way, gave me the courage to stop procrastinating and start moving forward into the life I want for myself: The life of a traveler!

Definitely recommended for adventurous people.”

Excerpts, Essays & Poems

September 20, 2023


Writer // Author

Rick Jebb


P lace & growth. Rick has been seriously writing since 2010, seeking a voice to speak of hopefulness and adaptation in the midst of uncertain times, learning how to be in the world but not of it. His writing includes poetry, essay and existential spiritual memoir focused on facing life’s challenges: discovery and development of spirituality, transcendence, class struggle, mental illness and substance abuse all of which he has experienced personally and as a father and a son.

Rick’s body of published work includes essays published in Ekstasis, Fathom, and the Boundary Waters’ Journal. He is currently working on a series of novel style memoirs dealing with challenging life stage transitions, the majesty of nature, the influence of culture and art, and the philosophy and strategy of socio-economic adaptation.


Traveler & Explorer Biographies // Memoir


Mexican Sunset: The Vision Quest of a Modern Day Explorer

After the unexpected death of his thirty-eight-year-old stepfather, fourteen-year-old Rick embarks on a five-year journey that begins in the Midwest’s Edenic Driftless Area canoeing a mysterious wild river in eastern Iowa.

While embracing the idealism of the 1970s counterculture, he seeks to discover himself in pursuit of his escapism. Amidst the backdrop of reconstructing his deconstructed Christian faith, sharing adventures with friends, his interior conversation gives a glimpse into the author’s inner growth during these years. If anything kept him moving forward, it was the delusion of his magical thinking: his imagination and wanting, and the wandering search through the looking glass of his impressionistic mind, slicing through glacial meltwaters of northern forests in a canoe and other evocative childhood memories.

On Colorado’s high chaparral, just as he begins to reconcile his industrialist roots with his curious artist’s soul, Rick falls in love with a girl from Sinaloa, Mexico. After high school, he hitchhikes back and forth across the country, visiting old friends before returning to Mexico to find the girl. Traveling the back roads of Mexico with new friends, looking down from the top of an active volcano, and taking a dangerous acid trip at the edge of Cholula’s Great Pyramid, he comes to see his life’s trajectory reflected in the struggles of his ancestors and buried in the secrets of Mexico’s past.