Rick Jebb

Jebb is a contemplative, competitive, neurodivergent who pens narratives about exploring and adaptation, that encompasses multigenerational impacts, community dynamics, and the intersection of art and nature. Often dubbed an "artist trapped in a businessman’s body," Jebb has strived to seamlessly navigate the labyrinths of ecology, geography, history, literature, fine arts, neuroscience, spirituality, cultural anthropology, and commerce. Central to his life's journey is a recurring theme: the resilience to persevere when surrender tempts our resolve—when to let go.

Writer’s Bio

H is works channel the ongoing parade of culture and counterculture emerging into the 60s and 70s: from communes and the spirits of adventurous escapism to the cries for social justice and environmental stewardship; and the desperation of revolution that ironically burns in our deep-rooted desire for peace, freedom, and justice. 

Jebb’s ethos is a fusion of the Sermon on the Mount and a Buddhist’s path, steeped in the Christian doctrine of grace and the power of the Holy Ghost.


An avid world traveler, and wilderness camper, from a young age Jebb has led numerous canoeing and hiking trips ranging from three to twenty days. As a canoeist and white-water paddler, from age eleven through thirty, Rick paddled over 2,000 miles on lakes and rivers mostly throughout Ontario, Canada. He has run numerous white-water rivers, and hiked mountain trails crisscrossing the eastern and midwestern United States and Colorado.



Through the lens of his words, Rick Jebb has journeyed across his past, reliving his avatars—be it a reveler, an outdoorsman, or a kayaker. He reflected on his metamorphosis—from an ardent canoeist to a wanderlust-filled backpacker; from an artist with a soul on fire to a devoted environmentalist, and finally settling into the shoes of a savvy businessman and investor. His writings became a mirror, reflecting not just his own life but also the legacies and tales of those he held dear, unraveling the waxing enigmatic tapestry of his present life and beyond.

Thoughts and words became a refuge—a sanctuary where he distilled memories of his transitions, adventures, and moments that once reshaped his youthful trajectory seeking to fathom the depth of his existence. To dissect and weigh adaptive strategies and explore the true nature of happiness.

R ick’s literary influences include maestros such as Herman Hesse, Anthony Doerr, Barry Lopez, Fredrick Buechner, Phillip Yancey, Christian Wiman, William Kent Krueger, Frank 

Herbert, Bernard Devoto, John McFee, Ray Bradbury, H.G. Wells, Ralph Emerson, Walt Whitman, Robert Frost, and Emily Dickinson.


Since 2019, Jebb's literary pursuits have matured, resulting in eight creative non-fiction essays featured in magazines including “The Boundary Waters Journal,” “Fathom,” and “Ekstasis,” and books. His coming-of-age novel style memoir: “Mexican Sunset - The Vision Quest of a Modern Day Explorer,” was published in the Summer of 2022. He is currently editing three subsequent books about the search for purpose meaning, adventure, nature, travel, and surprise. In addition, he is in early stages working on two fiction novels.