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Jebb offers passages in this book that are musically eloquent (“I had been born and bathed in the sunrise that spread across an artist colony on the Florida coast like an impressionist painting”)…Kirkus Reviews

“…a riveting section near the end of the memoir describes his experience climbing Popocatepetl, an active volcano and Mexico’s second highest mountain. Here, Jebb augments his recitation of the physical exertions of his team of adventurers with a comprehensive running narrative detailing the disturbingly bloody history of the Aztecs.“  — Kirkus Reviews

“Rick Jebb's memoir is a spellbinding narrative that will keep readers turning the pages, a brilliantly rendered portrait of the author's teenage travel and coming-of-age adventure…” — The Book Commentary

“This gripping tale does not just pinpoint the dramatic moments in the author's life but shows readers how adventure and new encounters can shape us and reveal who we are meant to be. Poignancy and whip-smart analysis augment the beauty of Mexican Sunset: The Vision Quest of a Modern Day Explorer by Rick Jebb.”
— The Book Commentary

“The human emotion, the ache, and the quest for meaningful connections permeate Rick Jebb's memoir and they are captured in dazzling prose and enticing descriptions. The author writes compelling historical and cultural elements into the story, offering a finely drawn description of the Aztecs and weaving beautiful threads of relationships within his team and family. This memoir is filled with adventure and reads so beautifully as a coming-of-age narrative of a young man who has suffered loss and has had to deal with addiction…” — The Book Commentary

‘Mexican Sunset’, is nothing if not frank. At times self-deprecating, Jebb gives an honest appraisal of his life as he moves from young teen to man and does not shy away from admitting weaknesses and negative personality traits, but rather uses these to demonstrate the inherent characteristics of man, which he connects with man’s choices and actions stretching far back into the eons of history.

Jebb’s personal revelation comes in the beautifully written chapter ‘The Volcano’, where we follow his journey to the peak of ‘Popo’ and share in history seeped deeply into the terrain, echoing the blood of human sacrifice which defines the Aztec ethnohistory. This moment is a turning point for Jebb as he contemplates his own role and that of his creator.

A deeply poetic book, far-reaching in its complexity, ‘Mexican Sunset’ is a fascinating look at the connectedness of peoples, nature, and their origins. It is unreservedly recommended!

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